Lifestyle Design for High Performance.


How Well Is Your Life? – Diagnostic and Assessment
Inventory of where you are currently in key areas of your life
Identification of current core values, purpose and ideals
Creating awareness of areas that are out of balance or disproportionately focused
Provides a “real time” snap shot of current conditions – How do you FEEL?


Self-Exploration – Discovery Process
It’s All You
Identifying blocks, limiting beliefs, patterns and paradigms
Flawed Premises and Misconceptions of Life


Identification Intensive – Cultivating Heightened Awareness
Misaligned energies (exploration)
Wrong order actions
Tolerations – What are you putting up with?
Out-dated programming – Auto-pilot
Action Brainstorming – What no longer serves you?
LIFE VALUES INVENTORY intensive exercise – what stays and what goes


Creating Empowering Beliefs
Establishing new patterns
Shifting paradigms
Praxis- Integration of thoughts + beliefs
Values Assessment – What do you really value?
Authoring and Aligning your NEW Beliefs


Understanding the Creative Process – How Thoughts are turned to Things….
Getting to know the creative process flow diagram
Understanding the “thinking” conscious mind vs the “emotional” subconscious mind
Creative Process Personal Diagnostic Tool – Tracing the path of current, past, and future outcomes
Creating daily ritual, intentions and affirmations
Revision, creation and/or expansion of written business and revenue plan


I’ve Got Me – You as Your Own Best Resource
Identification of seen and “unseen” resources
Leveraging Your Strengths
You as a “Self-Referral” Being
Accessing Intuition and Your Higher Faculties


Personal and Professional Goal Setting to Goal Getting
Type A, B, and C Goals
Visioneering, the screen of the mind
Breaking through the “Terror Barrier”
Comprehensive Goal Matrix Exercise


Lifestyle Design – Setting Yourself Up to Thrive
Visioneering exercise for your ideal life
Revision/Fine tuning and targeting of Business Plan (If applicable)
Actual VS Desired
Clarifying your personal mission statement – What’s your commitment?
Target Market/Ideal Client/Unique Value Proposition
Identifying your “X-Factor”


An Understanding of Entrepreneurship – What is it really and is it right for ME?
Entrepreneurial qualities, habits, and role models
Building your image through your brand and your presentation
Building your entrepreneurial vocabulary – How to speak like you mean business
Know your number exercise
Market Reading Assignments


Giving Back, Reaching Out and Stepping UP
Your contract with your higher self
Your next right move -Leveling Up
Ownership of new domains
Who do I have to be now?

Understand Performance

Gain a clear Understanding of the “thinking” conscious mind vs the “emotional” subconscious mind and why this is crucial in mastering your results.


About Chad Welch

Chad Welch is a professional Lifestyle and High-Performance Coach based in Miami Beach, FL. He has over 20 years of experience working in health and wellness, image consulting, and business and personal development.

Chad supports entrepreneurs, high performers, athletes, and dedicated passionate individuals in implementing strategies to align their businesses, lifestyles and core values for greater levels of success, effectiveness, and ultimately, greater fulfillment in all areas of life. Chad holds his bachelor’s in business administration from the Stetson School of Business and Economics, is a graduate of the Life Coach Institute of Orange County, is a CHEK Institute certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach, and is the President and co-founder of Conscious Entrepreneurs Roundtable, Inc., and is the Senior Vice President of the Greater Miami Holistic Chamber of Commerce.

Chad has had the privilege of working with clients, executive teams, corporations and organizations all over the world and is a
frequent speaker and facilitator throughout the US.

Bachelor of Business Administration – Mercer University Stetson School of Business and Economics
Certified Professional Life Coach – The Life Coach Institute of Orange County
Holistic Lifestyle Coach – The CHEK Institute
Image Consultant -Florida DBPR
Fitness Nutritional Specialist – ACE
Personal Trainer -ACE

PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS – Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine – Member
Holistic Chamber of Commerce – Member
Founder – Conscious Entrepreneurs Roundtable, Inc.
IDEA Health & Fitness Association – Member