Chad Welch Lifestyle is pleased to present our signature “CWL Powered by Pathwaves” program.


What is Neural Empowerment?

Neural Empowerment is a non-invasive holistic science that guides you toward a balanced state of brainwave activity leading to self-awareness and control.

Why are you still suffering? It’s unacceptable in this day and age to settle for feeling trapped, overwhelmed or hopeless. The answer isn’t to numb your way through life. It’s not found in some magic pill that only works until it wears off. In fact, it’s just the opposite. The answer lies in your neural pathways. You are living in a state of brainwave imbalance, which may prevent you from feeling, perceiving and embracing each day on your terms.

Welcome to Pathwaves and the life-changing process of Neural Empowerment. This revolutionary methodology uses the powerful science of neuroplasticity, along with timeless healing modalities, to help you attain an ideal state of balance. Once achieved, our clients overwhelmingly say they find life ceases to feel uncontrollable. They start feeling in control, confident and able to overcome personal challenges.

Balance is power! Ride the wave of Neural Empowerment. It just might lead to the life you want and deserve.

APPLY FOR CWL POWERED by PATHWAVES neural empowerment plus coaching HERE.