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About Chad Welch

Chad Welch is a professional Lifestyle and Soul Activation Coach, a Shamanic Guide and an Intuitive Healer based in Miami Beach, FL and Atlanta, GA.  He has over 20 years of experience working in health and wellness, holistic lifestyle modalities, image consulting, business and personal development, and human performance.

Chad supports entrepreneurs, high performers, leaders, healers and dedicated passionate individuals in implementing strategies to align their businesses, lifestyles and core values for greater levels of success, effectiveness, and ultimately, greater health, wealth, vitality and fulfillment in all areas of life. Chad holds his bachelor’s in business administration from the Stetson School of Business and Economics, is a graduate of the Life Coach Institute of Orange County, is a CHEK Institute certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach, and is the President and co-founder of Conscious Entrepreneurs Roundtable, a 501c3 Non-Profit community.

Chad has had the privilege of working with clients, executive teams, corporations and organizations all over the world and is a frequent speaker and facilitator throughout the US.


Bachelor of Business Administration – Mercer University Stetson School of Business and Economics

Certified Professional Life Coach – The Life Coach Institute of Orange County

Holistic Lifestyle Coach – The CHEK Institute

Image Consultant -Florida DBPR

Fitness Nutritional Specialist – ACE

Bach Flower Remedies Level 1 Coach-Educator

Live Ultimate – Founding Ambassador


Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine – Member

Holistic Chamber of Commerce – Member

Founder – Conscious Entrepreneurs Roundtable, Inc.

IDEA Health & Fitness Association – Member

Gene Keys Society – Member

High Performance Lifestyle Coaching for Entrepreneurs

High Performance is defined as: “ Maintaining a high level of performance and obtaining outstanding results for an extended period of time.”

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Conscious Entrepreneurs

Conscious Entrepreneurs Roundtable is a 501c3 non-profit corporation providing a community of creative and conscious minded individuals with a space to share ideas and resources.
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Chad Welch Lifestyle

In my High Performance Lifestyle Coaching, we take an in-depth look at mind, body, and spirit, using my signature lifestyle design blueprint – truly a 360 degree approach to thriving.


Valuable Clarity and Focus

Business-life was exhausting and I didn’t know why. While working with Chad, I saw how I was offering too many coaching services to too many kinds of people, and more importantly, how my fear of saying “no” caused me to overcommit to work I either wasn’t passionate about or well-suited for. Once we got clear on my ideal client, their core problem, and the solution I was best positioned to offer, Chad helped me automate my business to over-deliver for this one type of client. It was counter-intuitive at first, but when I saw my pipeline fill with leads I really got along with AND could pay for my services, I was thrilled. More importantly, my clients had problems I had already solved for myself. Serving them had just the right amount of challenge, and didn’t keep me awake at night anymore. They shared my values, and it made growing my company so much fun as I got to enjoy connecting with my clients more deeply than ever before.

Brian Lemmerman

I was introduced to Live Ultimate

I was introduced to Live Ultimate and began using the facial serums first. I love using natural products in and on my body. I really liked the products and shortly after, began using the whole food powders. I found all of the products to be superior to anything I had used. I have noticed a definite improvement in my immune system and joint pain. As a retired RN, I also want to keep my mind sharp and healthy. I was excited to find a great quality whole food mushroom blend to boost my cognitive health as well as my immune system. I had a unpleasant illness many older adults get that left me with some lingering nerve pain. I was using the CBD daily and decided to try twice daily. Within a week I noticed improvement in healing and decrease in pain. After a few weeks using twice daily the pain is gone. I am thankful for these superior quality products to bring me the best in health and wellness.

Alanna Lumsden

Chad helped me see my blindspots

In just my first conversation with Chad, he helped me craft a message to my prospects that immediately resonated. He helped me shift my mindset on some of the things that were holding me back in my daily routine. Most importantly he gave me actionable steps to move my business forward in a smart way. Thanks for helping me see some things I didn’t see on my own!

Justin Gottlieb

An Amazing Conscious Leader!

I just wanted to say that I’ve always admired Chad for the way he carries himself! And because of his amazing mentorship and leadership qualities, it has helped me grow tremendously!! Not only did he assist me with pushing past my own limiting beliefs, but he also helped me to create the vision for what I’ve always dreamed of … bringing the health and wellness community together as a collective cause and making an impact in their lives. I am proud to say that after two years, I have grown that organization as the largest and fastest growing within that timeframe. Words can not express how grateful I am to Chad for taking time with me to see my human potential. I appreciate him so much!

Allyson Hang

Thrive with Chad Welch, he is amazing!

Chad Welch is amazing! He is so professional, talented, caring, wise, intelligent, and down to earth. When I first him, he was a professor at the university I was attending. Out of all the classes there, his interested me the most. Unfortunately, my work schedule didn’t align at the time. Little did I know, years later magical synchronocities would lead me to him, but better than I could ever imagine, he was now my personal life coach. My life has completely shifted. Not only is he wise and business savy, but he is also very intuitive and spiritually gifted. His program and practical and intuitive advice has helped to heal wounds and remove blocks that were keeping me from moving forward and living my best life. . The first step in being successful is having the correct mindset, he helped to identify my negative beliefs and patterns so that I could replace them with new thoughts and beliefs in order to reprogram my subconscious for success. I have learned so much from him in many different areas of my life. For example, I’ve learned strategies for making better decisions, self love, and healthier communication skills which has helped me to have more harmonious relationships in my business and personal life. I’ve also learned to be more organized with the tracking of my time, energy, and money. He’s the best support you could ever have and has also mastered emotional intelligence. You can give a man a fish or you can teach him how to fish himself. That’s how Chad is, he will teach you the necessary tools to think more positive, and make better decisions for yourself. You will be visualizing bigger, accomplishing your goals, and creating new goals. Chad has the recipe to help you thrive and keep growing in your life, not only in business but in every area of your life. I highly recommend him. Chad is amazing!

Erica Gem

Focused results

Worked with Chad over several months to gain focus on goals and values as to the direction I wanted to take with certain financial decisions which impacted my non-work life. Working through Chad’s process brought the big picture down to the details to enable a decision to be chosen for this indecisive decision maker. Chad’s patience works wonders.

Brian Carter


I’ve known Chad for almost 10 years now. Working with Chad and having his support allowed me to empower myself and my business. As the CEO and Managing Broker of my practice, it became clear to me when we began working that I was in a position to obtain the best lifestyle and business coaching available. Chad guided and advised me in reaching my highest and best and provided me with skills that I use still to this day. I highly recommend Chad to any upper management leaders and entrepreneurs embarking on a journey of more empowerment, delivery and effectiveness. Thank you Chad for your continued support!

Ruben Sanchez

Bethany Desmond

Without a doubt, my life changed the day Chad came into it. As a coach he has been attentive and focused. He consulted with me to find the root of my challenges, then created a plan to tackle them one at a time. Beginning this new path with him has been refreshing and encouraging – truly enabling me to take charge again of my physical health and connecting my mind and body.

Bethany Desmond

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