Getting Started

After your FREE Consultation, we start out on our journey…
Solid Ground (2 hrs.)

Once you fill out some initial questionnaires and assessments, we go one-on-one to identify your most pressing issues and areas in need of priority attention. This will include discussions of diet, exercise, flexibility, work and family life, and overall balance in your life. Once we work through this initial information, I then formulate an action plan which may include some, or all of the following: detox/cleanse support, personal training for weight loss, weight gain, increased range of motion or corrective exercises, cooking, eating, and shopping guidelines, guided mind/body meditation, goal setting and achievement exercises, stress reduction, professional referrals.

Ramp UP (4 weeks)

This is a more in-depth look at your overall health and wellness. Ramp Up requires a 4-week commitment, and is designed to help kick-start lasting changes. For those who want an action plan with guided support and weekly accountability, this is the program for you. Includes a weekly 1hr in person session with me, or a weekly skype or phone session for distance coaching.

Reaching Your Peak (8 weeks)

This program includes all of the elements of the above packages, but includes more one-on-one time with me, and added accountability sessions via skype or phone, plus an extra month of coaching to ensure that changes become engrained into your daily life and routine.

The Summit (90 days)

90 days to the best you ever. Put simply, this program separates you from the pack. Here, we address, mind, body, spirit, nutrition, life balance, and image. It’s a program to work up to, or for some people who are already in great physical and mental health, it’s a push to break through plateaus and to go that extra mile. This is truly a mentoring program to take you from extraordinary to unstoppable.

Acceptance into this program is limited.
*Packages and programs are all customizable and based on individual needs and commitment.

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