What sets my Miami Life Coach practice apart from your typical life coach

Me coaching the students at a lecture at Barry U

There are so many different areas of our lives that need focusing on in order to operate at our most energetic, resourceful, and balanced. Many life coaches are limited by their prior training or background in what they are able to effectively offer.  This doesn’t mean they aren’t offering effective coaching for specific areas, but many of them tend to venture into a sort of “blanket” approach, covering areas such as relationships and business that they aren’t necessarily that versed in. My Miami life coach practice is centered on 1 concept. Your personal health and wellness comes first. Everything else flows from that.  If you are operating from a strong body and mind, with health as your cornerstone, then it is my belief that many of life’s questions and decisions become much more approachable.  Put simply, a healthy body is a happy body, and happy bodies house happy minds! 

So what makes me different, qualified and versatile? Just take a look at my areas of expertise and credentials. Of course, I am a Certified Professional Life Coach, but I’m also a master level Personal Trainer, a certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, a certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach, a licensed Image Consultant, hold a BBA degree, and am a university level Mind/Body Meditation instructor. If you are made up of Mind, Body, and Spirit, wouldn’t you want a coach that has specific training and credentials relating to all of the areas that make up a life?? Find out more about my certifications, training, and credentials, and what makes me your ideal Miami life coach HERE.

Remember, at the end of the day, there are lots of people out there with training and certifications, etc.  It’s important to note, however, that hiring a coach to help you target one particular area, take confidence for example, can sometimes be putting the cart before the horse.  If you have low self-confidence, it’s likely there are some things going on below the surface that need to be addressed first.  If you have a healthy relationship with your body, with food, with exercise and with your emotional health, for example, its pretty difficult in my opinion to have low self-confidence.  Remember, a healthy body is the gateway to a higher state of being!

Miami life coach, instructor, university, lecture
Me coaching the students at a Barry University lecture

my Miami life coach practice stands out


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