Life coach 101: The benefits of working with a life coach

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Many people wonder what exactly a life coach does.

A life coach can provide you with so many benefits, here’s a simple straightforward answer. Life coaches are: Partners in achieving personal and professional goals.  They serve as a sounding board when exploring choices, provide motivational mentoring, they give unconditional support along your journey.  They serve as a wake up call and a “reality sandwich”, if you will. Coaches can be thought of as designers, helping you to create a more fulfilling and productive life.  They serve as a referee during difficult times to help you navigate difficult waters and push the envelope beyond your comfort zone.  Lastly, a coach provides you with a safe environment to explore within, and to dig deep in answering your burning questions and desires.

What might you specifically work on with a life coach?

  • Goal setting and strategizing
  • time management
  • identifying and eliminating limiting beliefs
  • accountability
  • mental clarity and health
  • mind and body connection
  • making difficult decisions
  • overcoming fears
  • improving self confidence
  • improving relationships
  • clearing clutter from your life
  • finding your life’s purpose
  • transforming your physical, mental and emotional state

The reasons can be widespread.  Knowing where you are so that you can figure out where you are headed is a benefit of working with a life coach.  Making changes and examining old habits can be scary.  Having someone to go along the journey with you as an unbiased support can make a huge difference in your progress and outcome.  Ultimately we are the designers of our own destiny.  Until we are ready to do the work required, we often will remain stagnant.  A stagnant life is one that is not moving forward.  Moving forward signals progress, and without progress, happiness cannot live.

Check out this Huffington Post article on why you might need a life coach:

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