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Chad Welch is a Miami health and wellness based life coach who has been helping clients achieve their health and fitness goals for well over a decade. Certified Professional Life Coach in Miami through The Life Coach Institute of Orange County, he is a tier 3 master personal trainer, and certified by the American Council on Exercise.

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As a graduating senior for my university, I needed just two extra credits added to my transcript to get that diploma. I took Chad's Mind and Body Meditation class thinking that it was just going to be a class just to fill the requirement, but I was so wrong. Being a student-athlete for my university can sometimes be extensively over whelming and stressful, and it takes away most of the "me" time that I can get. My mind gets lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life between my six classes and all of the workouts. Meditation was just what I needed. After the first class with Chad, I became excited to get to class for those two days a week, just for one hour. It was my escape and an eye opener to how stressed my mind was and how even more stressed my body was from the crazy schedule. I didn't even notice until I went to meditate for the first time that I couldn't even shut down a single thought that went through my head. Through out the course of the semester, Chad taught me different ways to center myself. To focus on me and only me. Even if I could only accomplish this for just the two hours a week that I had class, it was 100% better than what I was doing before. Chad has extensive knowledge about different calming techniques and the types of specific meditaions/yoga that fits to your bodies problems. I even walked away from the class sleeping better because of all of the breathing techniques that only take about seven minutes to accomplish every night, as a student-athlete, sleep is more important that food sometimes. The fact that Chad was able to bring more hours of sleep to me this semester is amazing in itself. The most important thought that I took away from Chad's Mind and Body Meditation class is to live and be in the moment. Life moves too quickly around us when we are constantly thinking about the future. Live in the now and recognize that there is nowhere else that you need to be except where you are right in this very moment. It's so simple, but I often forgot to think about this. Just accepting this fact makes life so much more worth it. I'm so happy that Chad was able to make me realize such a precious thought. I recommend this class to anyone and I also recommend Chad's services to anyone. He really has extensive knowledge about how the human mind and body work together cohesively.
Bethany Desmond
After years traveling for work and a decline in my health, I hit my ultimate low. At 5’3, 34 years old, 220 lbs, and increasing health issues, I decided to take back control of my physical and mental health. For three years I embarked on a life-changing self-journey of health and weight loss/management. In that process I made Miami my home where an accident left me facing critical spinal and muscular injuries. For months in physical therapy and away from my gym and yoga life, I declined into a pattern of frustration and fear of my injuries. The weight started to creep back on and my health issues began to re emerge. With no solution in sight, a friend introduced me to Chad Welch, ensuring me that I would find in him a coach with empathy, uplifting energy, patience, and skills to help me heal. In a nutshell, that he would work with me to safely address the imbalances and weaknesses in my body. Without a doubt, my life changed the day Chad came into it. As a coach he has been attentive and focused. He consulted with me to find the root of my challenges, then created a plan to tackle them one at a time. Beginning this new path with him has been refreshing and encouraging – truly enabling me to take charge again of my physical health and connecting my mind and body. My wellness comes first – my concerns are his. He is guiding me on a wellness plan that fits my lifestyle and health needs. To alleviate any pressure or overwhelming start, he educated me on options for my plan that incorporate clean eating as well as a smooth transition using Zrii products. My Zrii detox was a starting point, providing a cleanse that was easy and reset my metabolism and energy! While we are just getting started, I am looking forward to the next chapter of my story with him! If you seek a coach who is knowledgeable, engaged, and drives you to results, I highly recommend Chad as a Miami Life Coach.
Yvette Gonzalez
I have been working with Chad for over a year now. I was referred to him by my doctor after struggling to get back on track after the birth of my daughter. He has worked with me to help me start a consistent workout routine as my personal miami life coach, and has given lots of helpful information and coaching on my diet, supplementation, and has helped my family make healthier food choices. I've seen great results and have lost alot of the weight I gained during my pregnancy. I've noticed my energy levels are much better as well. I've incorporated a lot more holistic practices into my daily routine as well. I did the Zrii purify cleanse and felt amazing after. I also use the Accell metabolic support sticks and the chocolate protein shake is soooo good! The best thing about working with Chad is his caring personality. He really cares about my progress and has really helped me start to make changes. He is amazing !!!!
Clary Zeledon
I have had the privilege of getting to know Chad over the last few years. Being someone who has lived a health conscious life for over a decade, using a homeopathic approach to living, I have encountered my fair share of practitioners, coaches and trainers. Chad has extensive knowledge relating to the mind and body, health and wellness. He has a very caring personality and really works hard to help me pinpoint the areas of my life that need addressing the most. I have used his image consulting services as well for the last few years and he continually keeps me looking and feeling great. He has a positive approach and is open and supportive to change. Things are never dull with Chad as he is always introducing me to cutting edge products, new and better techniques of exercise and a healthier positive approach to life. Chad is a gift you deserve to treat yourself to.
janice lipton
After working with four other trainers in Miami, I have finally found someone with extensive knowledge, excellent coaching abilities and interpersonal skills which have allowed him to lead me to successful results. Chad has assisted me with nutritional and lifestyle changes that have helped me lose weight and gain self confidence. I completed the Zrii cleanse and continued on with their shake as my daily breakfast choice. I am extremely satsisfied with Chad as my trainer and excited to see what results we will achieve in the future.
Kyle T.
I have had the pleasure of working with Chad this last year on a professional basis. His knowledge of health, fitness, and nutrition is extensive. He has helped me not only with my health and wellness, but he has coached me in my mind/body awareness, helped me implement strategies in my business and relationships, and has opened my eyes to an entirely different way of living abundantly. If you are ready to make lasting changes, he's your guy!
Carlos Marrero
Love Chad